We've realized electronic boards operating both in the industrial and civil sectors, fulfilling the customer demands and shrinking production costs.

  1.  We operate machinery, even heavy-class one, through our power electronics
  2. We provide telemetry through various protocols optimized for the IoT
  3. We engage the user with display, keyboards or buttons even in hazardous environments
  4.  We design and manufacture SBC for the most computationally tolling scenarios


We develop software according to industry best practices and across a range of platforms, from microcrontrollers to multiprocessor systems and cloud applications!

  1. We realize firmware for various architectures and platforms, such as ST, NXP and Renesas
  2. We interface to specialized communication protocols of every industry
  3. We use Yocto to create a Linux distribution tailored to your product
  4. We develop code following all industry regulations, such as EN 50128 for railway applications


We study the operating environment of your product, and design the best configuration for your customers

  1. We conceive your product enclosure analyzing its end application in detail
  2. Your product should be portable? No problem!
  3. We think of ease of installation and maintenance at all times


We provide engineering services to guarantee undisrupted and safe exercise of your product, maximizing your users' satisfaction.

  1. We develop the customer's ideas, reaching a working product
  2. We develop deterministic simulators from the phenomenistic models
  3. We monitor processes and anomalies through our real-time data logger
  4. We design SIL systems from level 1 to 4 for industry and infrastructure



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