Power Electronics

We're experts in the realization of control boards leveraging power electronics: we can develop both current and voltage controls for your company, or design a self-regulation against a process parameter.
Managing the production of boards with enlarged tracks (70 µm), we can push the upper current and voltage limit to operate even the heaviest machinery.

IoT - Internet of Things

Our boards can communicate (even in hazardous environments) both wired and wirelessly through a vast number of protocols optimzed for IoT, and act as M2M nodes both in conventional and new generation networks, such as mesh or sporadically available ones. We can save on the data throughput by using technologies such as MQTT, or reduce power consumptions for battery applications through NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRaWAN or Sigfox.

Interfaces and Display

We can develop control and visualization interfaces that are the most functional to the product use, satisfying normative requirements for hazardous environements such as explosive or maritime and saline areas.

SBC - Single Board Computers

Through an SBC, even the most tolling computing or communication loads can be handled with the strictly minimal encumberance and hardware, optimizing costs, performance and consumptions.

Hazardous and Explosive Area Electronics

We can design our electronic equipment to be compatible with the employment within hazardous and explosive areas, complying with ATEX che conFM / UL, EAC Ex or any other foreign legislation and certification.

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